Server Pro: Manage and Administer Objectives

TestOut Server Pro: Manage and Administer Exam Objectives

Active Directory Management

  • Implement Global Catalog Servers
  • Implement Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC)
  • Manage Flexible Single-Master Operation (FSMO) roles
  • Implement a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
  • Backup Active Directory

Group Policy Configuration

  • Manage the Group Policy processing order
  • Create custom administrative templates by importing GPOs
  • Deploy software using Group Policy
  • Implement the following GPO policies:
    • Security
    • Account
    • Fine-grained password
    • Advanced audit
  • Configure Group Policy preferences
  • Backup and restore GPOs
  • Delegate GPO management

File Services Management

  • Configure FSRM quotas
  • Configure FSRM file screens
  • Implement DFS replication
  • Encrypt files and folders with EFS
  • Encrypt the server hard disk with BitLocker

DNS Configuration

  • Configure DNS forwarders
  • Create DNS delegations
  • Create primary, secondary, stub, revers-lookup, and active directory-integrated DNS zones
  • Manage zone transfers
  • Manage dynamic DNS updates
  • Create DNS records
  • Configure DNS Round Robin
  • Configure DNS aging and scavenging

Routing and Remote Access Configuration

  • Configure LAN routing
  • Configure Network Address Translation (NAT) routing
  • Configure a VPN server
  • Create Network Policy Server (NPS) policies
  • Configure a RADIUS proxy server
  • Implement Network Access Protection (NAP) by creating the following policies:
    • Security Health Validator
    • Health
    • Network
    • Connection Request

Deployment Management

  • Configure a WSUS server
  • Control access to WSUS updates using computer groups and client-side targeting
  • Install and configure a WDS server
  • Create WDS images
  • Control access to images
  • Deploy images to clients
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