Student Purchasing

Student Purchasing

Use the following steps to purchase LabSim directly from TestOut at the special discounted price for your academic institution. Note: You can purchase the LabSim course activation code from your school bookstore if your instructor does not provide you with a promotion code.

  1. Go to our course shopping page and enter your promotion code.
  2. Add the LabSim product to your shopping cart. If you would like to purchase additional products, you may continue shopping and adding them to your cart.
  3. Enter your personal information, including your school name and instructor name exactly as provided by your instructor.
  4. Complete your purchase.
    Your LabSim product will be delivered to you as indicated in the shopping cart checkout process.
    You will also receive a product activation code that will activate your LabSim license. The license activation code you receive is tied to your academic institution.

LabSim Student Return and Exchange Policy

Courses purchased directly from TestOut may be returned or exchanged up to 30 days from the date of purchase if you spend less than two hours in the course. Upon return, a full refund is issued to the credit card used to place the order.

LabSim Bookstore Return Policy

Bookstores may purchase TestOut LabSim training courseware at the educational discount price. Unused course activation codes may be returned up to one year from date of purchase and will incur a 10% deactivation fee (no exceptions).

Any bookstore returning unused activation codes must submit a return request, including a list of the unused activation codes, in order to obtain a valid return merchandise authorization (RMA) number from TestOut. Returns that deviate from the RMA description are subject to an additional 35% service fee.

Instructions for Student Returns and Exchanges

  1. Fax 1-801-785-0575 or email [email protected] a return request. Include the following information:
    • The order number found on the receipt
    • Which course title(s) is being returned
    • An explanation of why the courseware is being returned
    • If exchanging, the title of the course you would like in exchange for the returned course
  2. TestOut will verify that the order was placed within 30 days and that less than two hours were spent within the course.

For returns, TestOut processes the approved return and deactivates the code(s). A credit for the return is applied to the credit card used to place the order. A confirmation email is sent to the student.

For exchanges, TestOut deactivates the returned code and provides access to the requested alternate course. If the courses exchanged differ in price, TestOut will either credit the difference to the credic card used to place the order or request credit card information in order to charge the remaining balance.

Typically, returns are completed within two weeks. For any questions regarding returns, call 1-800-877-4889 and ask to speak with an academic sales representative.